You Are Here. Wijk 7 Beyond the Map – The Program:

Friday and Saturday the 11th and 12th, Wijk 7 is open during the open Art Route Zuidoost.


Programm Friday:
10.00 Workshop tekenen : Voorbij de abstractie. 12-16 jr
13.00-16.30 Workshop schaduwtheater
16.00 body painting performance
All day: Expo by Michiel DHont, Bastiaan Serlé, Ayelet Levin
All day: bar with coffee, tea, cake.
All day: projector game Wies

Friday evening:
19.00-20.30 food by Khuyay
19.00-19.15Michiel Dhont, flute solo
19.15-19.45 Anne en Diego, voice and bass
20.30-21.00 Free improvisation with Miri Lee (dance) Diego Nicolás Rodriguez (music) and Emese Csornai (visuals)
21.00 Mi Mundo, Tu Mundo ‘a common space’ dance performance Daniella Solis Bravo and Alma Sua Lindenhovius Zubizarreta
21.30-22.00 Movie n music

12.00 Workshop Schilderen Bas Serlé
14.00 Workshop Verf uit de Natuur, Pieter en Isabelle
15.00 Workshop Schilden, Michiel Dhont
12.00-16.00 tea girls, Sara en Wies
All day: Poo Project. Ayelet and Muppet
All day: Cob building with Pieter and Jesse
All day: installation Schaduwtheater
All day: projector game Wies